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12th December 2021 - Pointing in the right direction.

Welcome to our online service on the third Sunday in Advent. This service is a replica of our in person service at 11am. If you are planning on joining in person, please note from this weekend masks must be worn whilst in the building unless you are exempt. Sunday Zone is running and they will be getting ready for Christmas!

There are advent resources available as we journey through this season - you can find them on the members section of the website. Please contact Claire or another leader if you do not know how to access and would like to. There are paper copies available in the church building.

Next Week

Next Week we will be meeting for our communion service where we will be welcoming in a new member and affirming another's membership.

At 4pm we have Carols by Candlelight - a chance to hear the Biblical story, sing and enjoy feeling a bit Christmassy!

Other Christmas Events

Christmas Day Celebration - 10.30am

No service Boxing Day (26th)

Watchnight Service - New Years Eve 11.30pm

Christmas Hampers

Our final collection for Christmas Hampers is today. The list is below. If you would like to contribute and are worried about missing the deadline, please get in touch in the next couple of days and we'll work out a way for you to do so.

Youth Cafe

Our Youth Cafe today is postponed, but our aim will be to meet on the 9th January at 4pm.


Call to Worship

Listen to these words from Isaiah 11:1-9 as the prophet points to the coming King

Songs for today

You might want to save the last two for before and after the sermon

Advent Candles

Watch the video as the third advent candle is lit. You might want to light a candle at home too. Continue with prayers of joy. If you are feeling artistic you might want to make a poster or create something else that represents joy. What makes you joyful? How do you express it? Seek out joy today.



Here is Claire with the sermon

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