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16th May 2021 - Baptist Assembly

Welcome to our service today. We are joining with Baptist Assembly for morning worship. Note that the service is livestreamed at 10.30am, but it will be available to access once the service is finished if you miss it at that time. The sermon will start at approximately 10.55am and is brought by Shane Claiborne, Christian activist and author from Philadelphia in the US - he will be very much worth listening to.

The Sunday service can be found here:

There is a children's programme you can also access. For children under 7 see and for over 7s see

After the service, we will join together on zoom for communion at 12.15pm. Bring your own bread and wine. The words for communion if you can't make it are after the notices and the link to get on zoom is here

Coming up:

Sunday 23rd May - Online service with sermon/in person family service at 11am

Sunday 30th May - In person service at 11am replicated online. This may be outside dependant on weather.

Sunday 6th June - Online service with sermon/in person family service at 11am

Sunday 13th June - In person service at 11am replicated online

Bible Study:

Our Bible study, "Together for good" - Growing happiness and wellbeing in our community continues on zoom on Monday evening at 8pm

Re-opening mid week:

We open mid week from the 17th May. For more details of activities see the website here

We shared a video explain our reopening plans at our church meeting last week. You can watch it here

We're very excited that our Community Cafe is opening this week on the 18th May 10am-3pm with Crafty Needles in the morning and drop in throughout the day. Our new mental health support group Poppy Cafe is starting on Wednesday - if you are interested in this please speak to Jo.


If you can't join us on zoom for communion, these are the words we will be using

Communion – All Nations Church - Written by Gale Richards, taken from ‘Gathering up the Crumbs’ published by BUGB

Words of Approach

Acts 10:34-35…. “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favouritism but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right.”

Risen Christ, who shows no favouritism to any people group or nation, and in whom we are able to see our creator’s desire to work through people of all nations, to heal and bring heavenly peace to earth – we long to follow your example and confess our need to grow in this commitment.


We recognise this table we eat and drink from is a table open to all who seek to follow in the ways of Christ.

In recognition of what this bread and wine has, does and will signify, we will give thanks in prayer.

Thanksgiving prayer

Creator God,

What must it have been like for the Son of Humanity to share multiple times about the suffering he was to endure, how he would be rejected by the elders, the chief priests, and the scribes, and be killed; and then go on to experience these things?

In this Easter season, as we celebrate that such suffering was not the end of the story, but after three days the Son of Humanity rose again, we pause to take in and give thanks for the body given for us, and the blood poured out for us.

We draw inspiration from the apostles’ selfless response of committing themselves to your message of an all nations church, sacrificially working together, to bring your heavenly healing and peace to earth.

In awe and wonder we will eat and drink of this table as a sign of us committing ourselves to your message of an all nations church, sacrificially working together, to bring your heavenly healing and peace to earth.


The Sharing of Bread and Wine

We remember, Christ that with your disciples you broke and blessed bread, poured and blessed wine;

Feed us now as we eat and drink and seek to be witnesses to your sacrificial life, death and resurrection, as we await your promised return.

Let us eat the bread and drink the wine

The body of Christ broken for you

The blood of Christ shed for you


Faithful God, as we thank you that we have been fed at this table, we pray for people, places and situations experiencing divisions. (name these before God now)

We pray for an outpouring of your wisdom, love and peace through your all nations church to bring healing and transformation.

This we ask through Christ whose ways we seek to follow in the whole of our lives.


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