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18th April 2021 - Finding Peace - One day at a time

Welcome to our service today. We are beginning a new series on finding peace as we walk through the roadmap out of lockdown and Claire begins today looking at Matthew 6:25-34.

Our in person family services begin today at 11am - an interactive service with craft and dancing which will happen every other week. We will be looking at the Big Story of God starting with creation in Genesis 1. These services are particularly suitable for families with children, although everyone is welcome. Until we are able to mix inside we ask that you sit with your household/bubble and only interact with others outdoors.

We will gather together on zoom after the service at 12.15pm. Bring your own coffee and cake. The link is here

We have a Church Meeting on 9th May at 12.15pm on zoom after the online service. This will be a chance for us to share and discuss the opening up plans, to celebrate what is already going on as well as share information about finances and discuss, pray and look ahead together to the future. All members are encouraged to attend if they can and non-members are welcome too. If you cannot get on zoom, information will be shared with you in the usual ways.

Coming up:

Sunday 25th April - Online service only including zoom communion at 12.15pm

Sunday 2nd May - Online service with sermon/in person family service at 11am

Sunday 9th May - Online service followed by zoom Church Meeting at 12.15pm

Sunday 16th May - join with our Baptist Family for a streamed YouTube service from Baptist Assembly at 10.30am (note earlier time) followed by zoom communion at 12.15pm

Baptist Assembly:

Baptist Assembly Online – 13-16 May 2021

"We are very excited that, being an online event this year, Baptist Assembly 2021 can be made available to all, offering a unique opportunity to bring a large number of people together to join in worship, prayer, Bible study and consideration of current issues. The sessions will be free for anybody to join via our website – but register to join us and we’ll send you all the links you’ll need in advance. See our website for more about the weekend’s programme, including seminar topics, information about our keynote speaker Shane Claiborne, and registration. We hope you and your church family will be able to join us during the weekend"


As we come to worship, breathe in God's peace. Take a moment to listen to this song, let the words speak to you and ask God to help you find peace.


Songs for today. You might want to save the last couple for towards the end of the service


What do you worry about most?

Here are some thoughts from some people (pre-pandemic!)

What do you do with your worries?

Jesus has something to say about worry. You can read about it in Matthew 6:25-34 (the sermon below is based on this passage). Have a read here

What does Jesus say about how you manage worry?

If you are feeling creative here is some craft related to the passage


Claire brings our sermon based on Matthew 6:25-34

Prayers (based on Psalm 121)

Look out of the window and what do you see? The birds of the air or the flowers of the fields?

The ones who do not worry about tomorrow?

Lord, where will my strength come from to face what is ahead?

My strength - it can only come from you.

You made the trees, the earth they grow from, the water that quenches their thirst, the seasons that turn them from green to bronze to bare wood to pink....

Lord don't let me fall over, don't let me down. Watch over me, as you have promised you will - even if it means being up all night, even if I have exhausted you with my crying. Lord God, I know you will never fall asleep.

Lord thank you for being my constant watching over you companion, my eyes and ears, and for being by my side. Lord protect me and those I love from anything we face - viruses or injury, nasty talk and gossip, our own insecurities and worries.

Lord protect me from the strongest sun, shield me from the rays that burn. Shelter me even from the moon in case the moon is something that hurts.

God guard me from all the rocks that are thrown, from all the little virus laden water droplets that hang in the air, from my own mind that overthinks and worries and is scared... guard my life - I know it is precious to you.

Guard me when I leave home and fear what I may encounter. Guards me when I get home and the overwhelming feelings of dread wash over me as I deal with what I encountered outside my front door.

Guard those who are isolating. Guard those who feel alone. Guard those who fear those they live with. Guard those who fear their own mind.

Guard me always.

I look up to the mountains, where does my help come from?

My help comes from you, God, maker of heaven and earth. You will not let my foot slip. You will not let me down. You will not sleep and leave me to fend for myself. You will give me all the strength I need.

You will help me rest. You will bring me peace. Amen.

Pray for all those you know who need to find peace right now.

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