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23rd May 2021 - Finding Peace in the Pause - Pentecost

Welcome to our service today. We continue our series on finding peace as we walk through the roadmap out of lockdown and today Claire reflects on John 14:17-25

Join us for coffee and cake on zoom after the service at 12.15pm. The link is here.

We also have an in person family service at 11am at the church building. Celebrating Pentecost with dancing, making and exploring the story. All are welcome - normal social distancing rules apply. Please wear a mask.

Next Sunday:

We have our first in person service with sermon at 11am. This will be similar to the online service. All are welcome.

Coming up:

Sunday 30th May - In person service at 11am replicated online. This may be outside dependant on weather.

Sunday 6th June - Online service with sermon/in person family service at 11am

Sunday 13th June - In person service at 11am replicated online.

Sunday 20th June - In person service at 11am replicated online

Sunday 27th June - In person family service - how this works depends on the roadmap! An online offering will continue to be available.

Bible Study:

Our Bible Study series on zoom at 8pm continues tomorrow, Monday 24th May. "Together for good" - Growing happiness and wellbeing in our community.

Re-opening mid week:

We are now reopen mid week. For more details of activities see the website here . You would be very welcome to drop in to the cafe on Tuesdays between 10am and 3pm.


Call to worship

As we come to worship watch the story of the first Pentecost

Songs for Today

Here are the songs for today. You might want to save the last two for before and after the sermon and prayers

Pentecost Pinwheels

In our in person service today one of the activities is to make a Pentecost pinwheel. If you are feeling creative you might want to make one at home! If you don't have a printer, just copy the design onto a square bit of card and it should work!


Our Sermon today is based on Romans John 14:15-27. You can read it here

Here is Claire with our sermon


This video is from an installation of Peace Doves at Liverpool Cathedral. As you listen to the music and watch you the doves, you might want to pray your own prayers for yourself, the wider community and the wider world, or you might want to reflect on the prayer Claire prayed at the end of the sermon (words are below the video). Spend some time speaking to, listening to and receiving from God. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you again and to give you what you need right now.

Come Holy Spirit, breathe upon us, and may your breath blow away the cobwebs of our hearts and minds and give us fresh air as we approach the future.

Come Holy Spirit, send your cleansing fire, so that all that is bad in us might be replaced with good - replaced with love and with compassion for one another and every human being everywhere.

Come Holy Spirit, help us to speak a language that the post pandemic world understands, a language that speaks peace and justice to a world that is broken.

Come Holy Spirit, show us your way, send us out into the world to be people of peace and share the love of God with those we meet.

Come Holy Spirit, make us instruments of your peace. Help us to carry on the work already begun. Help us to be the light you have called us to shine in the darkness, to be people of transformation and healing and new starts. Help us to show our community that there is another way.

Come Holy Spirit, calm our worries and our fears, help us rest as is needed, run when we are called and be all that we are made to be.

Come Holy Spirit. Have your way.


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