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31st October 2021 - Praying with Shameless Audacity

Welcome to our online service. This service is a replica of our in person service at 11am. If you are planning on joining in person, please bring a mask for singing. Sunday Zone is running and they will be following the same theme.


Our AGM is 21st November 2021 after the service - papers will be available before the meeting. We have vacancies for deacons and elders and one deacon up for re-election. If you want to nominate someone, please talk to Claire or one of the leaders first. Nomination forms are available from Vic. If you would like a postal vote for deacon's elections please get in touch with Vic.

We would encourage all members to attend these members meeting if they can. Non-members are welcome, but will not be able to vote. If you are interested in membership please speak to Claire or one of the deacons.

Prayer Course

Every Monday (with a break for half term) we are running The Prayer Course on Zoom at 8pm and at 2pm in person on Mondays. This is an 8 week course that will help you to grow and deepen your prayer life and it is based on the Lord's Prayer. See the intro video below.

For the zoom link, please contact us and we will send it to you.


Call to Worship

Watch this video reflecting on Psalm 23 as you come before God today

Songs for today

You might want to save the last two for before and after the sermon

All Hallows Eve

Today is All Hallows Eve. It's a day where everything feels a bit weird. It's a day when someone of us hide in our houses with the lights off because we're worried about who might knock on the door and what might happen. It's a day when some of us join in and some of us don't. It's a day when we worry about the world and where it's going. It's a day when we remember, as Christians, that however dark it gets, Jesus light continues to shine through.

Jesus is light of the world.

Have a watch of this video

Pray that the light of Jesus will shine over your home and your community.


Our sermon today is based on Luke 11:5-13. You can read it here

Here is Claire with the sermon


Continue to bring your prayers and petitions to God as you step into the week. Pray with shameless audacity!

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