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Sunday 12th July - Songs from Above

Today we continue in our series looking at the Psalms as we look at Psalm 19 - a great Psalm that calls us to look up and listen, because creation sings a song that is more beautiful than any other we might here - it sings the song of our creator God.

After the service we join together on zoom for coffee (bring your own) at 12.15pm. The link is here

This week our work continues as has become normal. Please pray for our fareshare teams, the households who we support and those who are struggling with not being able to meet normally. Pray also for the leadership as they plan the way forward for worship and for all the groups that meet as part of the Community Family Project. We are planning a zoom meeting to consult with the families with children who are part of the worshipping congregation. If you want to be part of this meeting, please get in touch with Claire - date tbc.

Our Bible study this week meets on Wednesday at 8pm.


Let us Praise Him

Songs for today - you might want to save the last two for after the prayers and after the end of the sermon

When we think about the vastness of God's creation the amazingness of it all is far more than we can ever comprehend. The Psalm we are looking at today is Psalm 19 which starts "The heavens declare the glory of God". Creation is singing to us God's song - all we see and know is made by God. This video gives us some idea of the vastness of God's creation.

What does it make you think when you see how big the universe is? What does it make you think about God?

Find some time today to go outside and lie down (or sit) and look up at the sky and give thanks to God. You could collect some items to make a collage celebrating creation - leaves or sticks or flowers or anything else you might find. How are you going to give glory to God for his creation?


Linda brings our prayers today


Our sermon today is based on Psalm 19 - here is the reading

And Claire with the sermon

If you want to reflect further here is a song that might help you do that

May you see in the coming week the glory of God as you raise your eyes to the heavens

May you feel this week the presence of God as you walk the road ahead

May you know that however tiny you feel, God knows you and loves you and leads you on.

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