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Sunday 18th October - Who is Jesus? Bringer of God's glory

Welcome to our service today. We meet this morning online and in person at 11am as we worship God together. Both services will use the same material, however in our in person service we will also be sharing communion as we welcome Steph and Alan into membership today. A day to celebrate our church family! We will meet up to celebrate with coffee and cake (bring your own) on zoom after the service from 12.30pm. It would be good if you could join us, the link is here

Next Sunday's in person service is our family service at 3pm and morning worship will be online.

A date for your diary - our Church AGM will be on zoom on Sunday 29th November (time tbc but it will be linked to our morning service). We will be sending more info on how to participate nearer the time, including those who are not able to access zoom.

As we can't mark Remembrance Sunday in the normal way this year, we are instead going to try and cover our windows with poppies. If you want to contribute then please send your creations to us via e-mail, put them through the letterbox or bring them when you come to an event at the church building. We will begin to put the poppies up during the first week in November and they will stay up for the whole of the month.


Watch this video and reflect on the words it contains as you come to worship.

Songs for Worship - you may want to save a couple for towards the end

Our story today is the healing of the man born blind. Here is the story told by Saddleback Kids.

If you are feeling creative there are a number of craft ideas on this page as you think about what this story means for us today


Today in our in person service we are welcoming Alan and Steph into membership. Here is their story of how they came to New Addington Baptist Church


These prayers are based on prayers from 'Patterns and Prayers for Worship' published by the Baptist Union

Lord God, we praise you for the ways you guide our lives and give sense and purpose to them, and thank you for all the direction and purpose that you have given to us and particularly the lives of Alan and Steph. We are grateful to have a church we can call home and that we can be family together even where we are kept apart. We pray that you will give us together a sense of your direction and purpose for the future and that we all might grow and mature and bear fruit in our lives and as a church together. Send your blessing on our life together, fill us with your love, unite us in this scattered time and help us to grow in you.



Our sermon today is based on John 9:1-12 which you might want to read before you listen to the sermon here

Here is Claire with the sermon for today

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