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Sunday 20 June 2021

Welcome to our service today. Although our series on finding peace concluded last week, Simon will be keeping this in mind this week as we think about Fathers' day and reflect on what it means to be children of God the Father.

Join us for coffee and cake on zoom after the service at 12.30pm (please note the later time). The link is here.

We also have an in person service at 11am at the church building which is very similar to this online service. All are welcome, Please wear a mask.

Next Sunday:

We have an in person family service at 11am. All are welcome. There will also be an online service.

Coming up:

Sunday 27th June - In person family service with a sermon online

Sunday 4th July - In person service with a sermon at 11am - this will be available online

Sunday 11th July - In person family service with a sermon online

Sunday 18th July - In person service with a sermon at 11am - this will be available online

Re-opening mid week:

We remain open mid week. For more details of activities see the website here . You would be very welcome to drop in to the café on Tuesdays. During June we will be open 10am-12.30pm.


Call to worship

Wherever we are; whatever kind of week (or even morning) that we have have, we can come before God in praise and thanksgiving. Let us give thanks to God, the Father, for giving us the Son - to take the punishment of our sins when he dies on the cross. An act of love that gave us the chance to come back to God. To be restored to him. An act that enables us to approach the throne of God with confidence.

Let us come as we are now; humbled before a holy and loving God. Let us give thanks for his love, for his grace and his mercy. Let us praise the name of the LORD.

Here are the songs for this week. You may want to save the last two for before and after the sermon.

Adopted into God's family

When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and saviour and invite him into our hearts and our lives, we have a joy of being adopted into God's family - which brings many privileges. It may not be easy to imagine quite what that is like, if we have never been faced with a situation when we are taken into a new family. But, as we think about fathers and families today, let's pray that we will receive new insight. I hope that the video below can assist.


Here are the prayers, brought to us by Linda.


Here is the sermon from Simon.

Here is the video that Simon mentions at the end of his sermon.

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