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Sunday 25th October - Who is Jesus? Honoured Guest

Welcome to our service today. We are solely online this morning and our in person service is our family service at 3pm which aimed at families with children. At 12.15pm we will meet on zoom for coffee and strudel and custard (bring your own!). The link is here

During November we want to cover our building in poppies. If you would like to contribute then please contact us or put it through our letterbox or drop it in during our in person services. An act of remembrance when our community is not able to remember in our normal way.

On the 29th November we have our AGM which will be held on zoom as part of our morning worship. More details to follow as well as how to participate if you are a member but unable to access zoom.


Call to Worship

If you are spiritually weary and in search of refreshment, if you are mourning and you long for comfort; if you are struggling and you desire victory; if you recognize that you are a sinner and need a Saviour— God welcomes you here in the name of Christ. To the stranger in need of a home, to those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, and to whoever who needs to find rest, rest can be found here. We welcome all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Songs for today - you might want to save a couple for towards the end.


Our Story today is from John 12:1-8 - Have a watch of the story here

What do you think the house smelled like? The perfume Mary used was an expensive perfume called Nard that smelled of gladiolas.

If you were to honour and say thank you to Jesus how would you do it?

Prayer (from

Gracious God, You are a God of hospitality;

there is none like you that invites all to come to you. You have invited all to your home, to your table, and to your arms. Lord, would that all would hear and receive this good news. Lord, help us to remember

that no one is better than anyone else in your Kingdom. Help us to then treat each other the way you treat people. Generous God, Because you treat us with your tender love, We take time to pray for our friends, family members

and others who need you more than ever. Pour out your healing on all who need it. Be generous with your transforming love

for those who need it in their lives. Bring forth your reconciliation in families,

and in places where it is needed.

Gifting God, You give us the gifts of the spirit to use to further your Kingdom and to be the Body of Christ in the world. We take time to remember the world overcome by Covid-19

and to thank you for the restoration that has already taken place. Empower us to continue to be your hands and feet to continue the work that needs to be done here

and in so many other places. There is none like you God in your love, your generosity,

your gifting and your hospitality. And we thank you that you are in our lives,

working in us and through us

to let people know your kingdom is open to all. In the name of your Son, who opened the doors for all

and broke down barriers that kept people from you, Amen.


Our Sermon today is based on John 9:1-12 - you might want to read it before watching the video here

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