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Sunday 30th August - Songs of Waiting

Welcome to our service today. We come to the final sermon in our series "The Summer in Song" as we look at Psalm 130. Join us on zoom afterwards for ice cream (bring your own) here

Next week we begin to trial in person services alongside the services we have been doing online on Sunday mornings. If you haven't caught up on the details of this, you can find more details on the video from the 1st August here or members and regular attenders can access a written version on our members page - please contact us for the password if you don't have it already.

The headlines are:

6th September 6.30pm Reflective Evening Prayer (and then 20th September and fortnightly thereafter)

13th September 3pm Cafe Style (no food) Family Service (and then 27th September and fortnightly thereafter) - this will particularly be aimed at families with children

We ask that you choose just one of these services to go to as numbers are restricted. Normal social distancing routines will need to be followed, and we also ask that you turn up early so that we can ensure that we can start on time and that you wear masks unless you are exempt (or children under 11). There will be no singing in the services (we'll continue to do that online).

Any questions please get in touch!


Call to Worship - based on Psalm 27

The Lord is our light and salvation

So why should we be afraid?

The Lord is our fortress, protecting us from danger,

So why should we tremble?

The one thing we ask of the Lord is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of our lives

Wait patiently for the Lord

Be brave and courageous

Wait patiently for the Lord

Let us Worship God!

Songs for today - you may want to save a couple for nearer the end


How good are you at waiting? Watch this video and see if you could pass this test....

Our Psalm today says:

"I wait for the Lord, more than watchmen wait for the morning" Psalm 130:6

Sometimes what is in front of us is everything we think we want, but what God offers us is far more than that, but we often have to wait. As we wait, we can do lots of things - we can make the world a better place by loving like God loves. We can pray for the world. We can practice being patient!

What are you waiting for? Perhaps you might want to write a prayer asking God to help you to be patient as you wait for what is next to come.


Psalm 30 begins "Out of the depths I cry to you, Lord; Lord hear my voice"

Take the deepest desires of your heart to God now. Pray for the world, pray for the church, pray for yourself and those you know and love.

Listen to this song to help you focus your prayers


Claire brings our sermon based on Psalm 130

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