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Sunday 4th July - The Big Story of God - Beginning Again

Welcome to worship. During the summer we will be following the themes of our family services through our sermons and online services. We have been exploring the big story of God starting with creation.

Today we have the same services in person and online. Our in person service starts at 11am. If you are attending in person normal social distancing rules apply and you will need a mask.

After the service we will meet for a catch up on zoom at 12.30pm. The link is here

Coming Up


11th July - In person family service/sermon service online

18th July - In person service with sermon/replicated online

We will continue with alternate family/sermon services during the summer, but the format will depend on the Government Guidelines.


Our Community Cafe continues to be open on Tuesdays 10-12.30 - feel free to drop in for coffee and cake. Our Crafty Needles group also meets on that day.

Poppy Cafe - our mental health and well being support group runs on Wednesdays 10-12 - please get in touch with Jo if you'd like to attend.


As we come to worship listen to the words of Psalm 8

Songs for today

Here is a playlist of songs for today. You might want to save the last two for before and after the sermon.

Following Instructions

How good are you at following instructions?

Find a piece of A4 paper and follow the instructions in the video to find out how you make a cross with just one tear.

Today we are looking at Genesis 3 (continuing from the family service last week). In Genesis 3 it tells us about how the first woman and man were not able to follow the instructions of God and they had to deal with the consequences of that.

Sometimes we get things wrong and we need to say sorry to God and ask for his forgiveness. Write on the cross a prayer saying sorry and ask God to to forgive you.

"For God so loved the world that he sent His only Son so that anyone who believes in Him may not perish, but have eternal life" John 3:16.

Give thanks to God for his forgiveness.


Our sermon today is based on Genesis 3. You may want to read it first. You'll find it here

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