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Sunday 4th October - Who is Jesus? A law breaker?

Welcome to our service today. We are continuing in our series looking at people's encounters with Jesus in John as we reflect on the healing at the pool in Bethesda. The on-line service this week will be on the same theme as the in person service which has now moved to 11am (except there will be more songs online and you can sing as loud as you want!). The in person service will be a short reflective service and unfortunately we will not have any activities for children - we are, however, continuing with our bi-weekly afternoon family services - the next one will be on the 11th October at 3pm.

As we are not able to spend time together in any other way we are continuing to meet for after church coffee on zoom, but the time has now changed and we will meet at 12.30pm. The link is here


With what shall we come before the Lord?

What shall we bring into the presence of our God,

as an expression of our worship and praise?

Shall we bring him all that we own -

our finest possessions, our savings,

our favourite things?

Would God be satisfied if we brought all that we have?

No, that's not what God is looking for.

God has told you what is good,

and what he expects of you:

To do justice.

To love mercy.

To walk humbly before him.


Based on Micah 6:6-8, adapted from

Our songs for today - you might want to save one or two for the end

Our encounter with Jesus today is at a healing pool - the pool of Bethesda - read the story in John 5:1-18 or watch it here (or do both - you might want to have a read in preparation for the sermon later!)

The man at the pool had a tough life and it wasn't until Jesus healed him that his life began to get better. Spend some time now praying for those people who you know are finding it tough right now.

We can do things that help people to feel better even if we can't change what is happening to them - like send them little gifts or cards. You might want to make a card today for someone who is ill or struggling to cheer them up. It might be just the thing they need.


Claire speaks on John 5:1-18

At the end of her sermon Claire suggests we listen to 'Blinded by your Grace' as you consider what God might be saying to you today.

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