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Sunday 6th September - The Warm Up Act

Welcome to our service today. We are beginning a new series 'Who is Jesus?' which is a theme that will run through our online and in person services. Our first in person service is this evening at 6.30pm - reflective evening prayer. If you are planning on coming we'd ask that you arrive early so we can seat you and wear a mask unless you are exempt. Normal social distancing rules will apply.

As we are encouraged not to mingle after in person services and so we can spend a bit of time together, however we are choosing to worship at the moment, we will continue to meet for coffee and cake (bring your own) on zoom at 12.15pm. The link is here.


Who is Jesus to you? This prayer from D M Lockridge might help give you some words....!

Songs for Worship - you can sing along at home at the top of your voice (unlike in person services!)

Who is Jesus to you? What words would you use? How would you describe him? Watch this video for some peoples answers to that question from Colchester

What would you say to them?


Spend some time thinking about the people who live around you - the people who you live with - the people you work with - the people you see every day. What would their answer to the question be?

Pray for those who are on a journey of questions about Jesus. Where will they find answers? What might your role be?

Pray for those who are struggling with their faith. How can you walk with them at this time?

Pray for your own journey of faith. Where are you finding space to have your questions answered?


Here is today's sermon from our minister Claire exploring John the Baptist's encounter with Jesus in John 1:29-34.

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