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10th April 2022 - Palm Sunday

Welcome to our online service. This service includes some of the elements from our in person service for those who are not able to make it at 11am. We'd encourage you to begin to come back to our in person services if you can. The opportunity to meet together is good for us and helps us on our Christian journey together.

Today is Palm Sunday and as we look ahead to Holy Week we reflect on Luke 19:28-44 as Jesus entered into Jerusalem.

Over the coming weeks we will be changing how we offer online content. We will be recording the sermon live and putting it on YouTube afterwards. If you want to watch it again or have missed it, then remember to have a look on our YouTube channel for the latest sermons. To not miss any new content you will need to subscribe to the channel

Although rules have now relaxed, we would ask you if you are coming in person, that you please take care of one another by ensuring you keep others health to the forefront of your minds. We ask you not to attend in person if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 or have tested positive.

Youth Cafe is at 4pm this afternoon and it will be a games night.

This Week

Our normal groups are closed during this week (food parcels still run on Thursday) as it is Holy Week.

Coming Up

We still need eggs and volunteers for our Easter egg hunt - please drop off eggs at the church building between 9.30am and 1.30pm Monday to Thursday. Volunteers please let Vic or Sandra know you are coming.

Make Lunch is running on the 19th April 12pm-4pm - please see Sandra if you are able to help.


Call to Worship

Watch the clip of Jesus entry into Jerusalem from Jesus Christ Superstar.

Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!

Peace in heaven and glory in the highest! (Luke 19:38)

Songs for Today

Here are the songs for today. You might want to play the last two for before and after the sermon and prayers

Palm Crosses

You might be missing your Palm Cross if you are worshipping at home today. Here is one to make if you'd like one. I (Claire) have still got the one on my window that I made during our first Palm Sunday Service online in 2020 - on it we drew some pictures of what Jesus means to us. you might want to do that today if you are making one at home.


Claire reflects on Luke 19:28-44 - you might want to read it first - it's available here


Spend some time in prayer over the things that the sermon has brought up in response to God's word.

Here is a prayer for Palm Sunday intercession you might find helpful

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