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24th April 2022 - A good long walk

Welcome to our online service. This service includes some of the elements from our in person service for those who are not able to make it at 11am. We'd encourage you to begin to come back to our in person services if you can. The opportunity to meet together is good for us and helps us on our Christian journey together.

Today Claire reflects on Luke 24:13-35 as two disciples took a long walk after the events of Holy Week and Easter. At our in person service we will be sharing communion.

Next Sunday will be an all age service. We will not be having lunch afterwards.

Over the coming weeks we will be changing how we offer online content. We will be recording the sermon live and putting it on YouTube afterwards. If you want to watch it again or have missed it, then remember to have a look on our YouTube channel for the latest sermons. To not miss any new content you will need to subscribe to the channel . The sermons will also be posted on our facebook page

On the first Sunday of the month we have an all age service so there will be no online content.

Although rules have now relaxed, we would ask you if you are coming in person, that you please take care of one another by ensuring you keep others health to the forefront of your minds. We ask you not to attend in person if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 or have tested positive.

This Week

Our groups resume this week:

Tuesday - Our Community Cafe is open 10am - 3pm with

10am - 12pm - Crafty Needles

1:15pm - 2:45pm - Chatterbox Stay and Play

Wednesday - 10am - 12pm - Poppy Cafe Mental Health Support Group


Call to Worship

Romans 5:1-11 - The Street Bible

"So, this is the result - and what a result! Since we've been sorted through taking God at his word and through our links with Jesus, we're not at war with God any more. It's peacetime, 'cos of Jesus. And 'cos of Jesus we've got a lifelong pass into this free gift zone. And we're beside ourselves with the prospect of getting to know this Awesome God. Not only that; we're even happy with our hassles 'cos hassles produce grit, grit produces character, character gives us prospects - prospects that don't let us down. 'Cos God has doled out humongous helpings of his love by giving us his Holy Spirit.

See, right on cue, with precision timing, when we were flailing around totally helpless, Jesus died for the messed up. How often does someone die for someone else? It's not daily news, is it?! Alright, for a really happening guy, maybe some would die. It does happen. But get your head round this: God proved his love to us, 'cos it was when we were totally messed up that Jesus died for us."

Songs for Today

Here are the songs for today. You might want to play the last two for before and after the sermon and prayers


Claire reflects on Luke 24:13-35 - you might want to read it first - it's available here


During communion we will be using words from Claire's Maundy Thursday blog - you can read them here.

Pray for those who haven't found a place to belong - that they might find a place at Jesus' table.

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