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Sunday 14th June - Faith in the face of danger

Welcome to our service today. Today we speed through the journey to the promised land, from Moses in the bulrushes to the fall of Jericho. As we explore this story through the writing in Hebrews 11 we are encouraged to face anything in front of us with faith in God who promises us that the future is much brighter than it is now.

At the beginning of this coming week we will be sending out a letter and video detailing the leaders thinking about how we move forward as lock down eases. Keep an eye out for that arriving. A copy will be available on the members area of this website - if you are a regular attender please contact us for details of how to access that.

As has become usual, after the service at 11am we will be meeting for coffee on zoom at 12.15pm. It would be great to see you there. You will be put in a waiting room on arrival, and if we are not sure who you are because you have no camera or no name, we may ask you to identify yourself - this is just for security on zoom, any problems, please get in touch. The zoom link is here.

Next week is communion Sunday, so we will be sharing in communion on zoom at 12.15pm.


In every generation, the people of God have been blessed to find their home and resting place in God!

We come to worship and praise the God of all people.

All creation since time began, have been blessed to find that the place of their birth is in their Creator's hands.

We come to worship and praise the God of all creation.

We come to worship and praise our God, and to ask God to fill us with the joy of his unfailing love.

May the favour and blessing of God be upon us this day. Amen

Songs for today - you might want to save a couple for towards the end of the service.

Today as we think about having the faith to face the dangers ahead, it's good to pray for those things that we fear and for God's strength to help us face them when we have to.

What things scare you? Take a look at this video where children share the things that scare them.

Lay your fears before God now and ask him to help you face them.

The last few months have been difficult and sometimes scary, but there have been many blessings amongst the difficult times. Here Abena and Kwadwo, supported by Nana on music and Grace who co-ordinated the prayers lead us in prayer in this video, sharing some of their experiences of lockdown, which for them involved settling into a new home as well as everything we've all had to face. You will notice in the video that as a family they are very creative and have made a prayer 'plant' which they read from in the prayers.

Perhaps after watching the video you might want to make your own prayer 'plant', include on there your fears for the future and your prayers for others and use it to bring your prayers to God. You could also include encouraging verses if you wanted to.

Our Sermon today is based on Hebrews 11:23-31 and is brought by our minister, Claire

May God bless you as you face the days ahead

May he be your shelter, your strength, your protection

May you know that whatever you face in the future

You will never face it alone.

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