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Sunday 3rd May - Faith in a time of Crisis - Priorities

Welcome to our service today. Please join us on zoom afterwards for coffee at 12.15pm. The link is here

Today we are looking at our second in our series looking at Hebrews 11, focussing on v 4 which talks about Abel as a man of faith. You can find the story of Abel in Genesis 4. It's the first time we see people go specifically to worship in the Bible and we are going to be exploring how we make worship a priority in this current time, and beginning to think about what it might look like in the future. What are the things that matter?

We're also focussing in our prayers on an outliving of our faith through the distribution of the food we receive from Fareshare. It is our love for God and our neighbours that motivates our work through our Community Family Project and so we're going to focus a little on how that has changed in recent weeks in upcoming services.

This week we are going to start a Bible Study on Hebrews at 8pm on Wednesday 6th using the zoom link above. We're going to dive in deeper to begin to understand this book that sits in the middle of the New Testament a little bit more. It would be great to see you there.

"God's truth and faithful love join together

His peace and holiness kiss each other

His truth springs up from the earth.

His holiness looks down from heaven.

The Lord will certainly give what is good.

Our land will produce its crops.

God's holiness leads the way in front of him.

It prepares the way for his coming" Psalm 85:10-13

Songs for today (you might want to save a couple until towards the end)

Today is all about being faithful in our worship - getting our hearts in the right place and making worship a priority. We can worship in many different ways: song, dance, creativity, serving others, praying, writing and drawing. We learnt this song last summer at our holiday club. You might want to get up and dance a long - learn the steps if you fancy it. It's a fun way to tell Jesus that everything is about him (that's what our priority should be).

If you fancied it you could make up a dance to your own favourite worship song and use your bodies to praise God as well as your words. Or if you want to be creative in a different way how about making some praise bunting to put in your window - there is an example and instructions here

Our focus for our prayers today is Fareshare. This week we have doubled our order so we can help more households who are struggling to buy food. Watch the video for a little bit of a 'day in the life of' and Jo will lead us in prayers at the end for this work.

Our sermon today is brought by our minister, Claire and is based on Hebrews 11:4 and Genesis 4:1-8

And finally, Roy, one of our elders, was asked to pray for us and bless us from his door step (the lobby in his block of flats) - you may need to turn up the volume. Be blessed. Don't forget to to join us on zoom at 12.15pm.

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