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Sunday 5th July - Songs with Roots

Today we begin our new series looking at the Psalms - 'Summer in Song'. One of the regulations for meeting back for worship is that we can't sing, which is one of the reasons for not rushing back. However, we can sing as loud as we want at home. You might want to dig deep into the Psalms this summer and perhaps search for new songs that proclaim these words in new ways (or even write your own?).

After the service we will meet for coffee on zoom where we will have a bit of a discussion around thoughts for opening up and we will have a chance to share what all of us are thinking right now. The link is here


Here are some songs for worship - you might want to save a couple for either side of the sermon

Here are some people introducing us to Psalm 1

Whose advice are you taking?

If you want to answer this further you could make a list of advice for those who are trying to follow in God's path. Perhaps some Golden Rules for followers of Christ. Turn them into a poster or your own video and you could share them with the church on WhatsApp or on zoom after the service.


Our prayers today are led by Nicole and Augustine


Our Sermon today is based on Psalm 1 and is brought by our minister, Claire

Psalm 1



In the name of the God be blessed

In the seasons of plenty may you thrive and grow.

In the seasons of drought may you consolidate your strength.

Be blessed

May you delight in the warm sun of God shining upon you.

May you delight in the cold rain of God falling on you.

Be blessed

May you blossom to the glory of God

and make the world a more fragrant place.

Be blessed

May you give shelter to those who seek refuge from storm or fierce heat.

May you never forget whose tree you really are and whose life you share.

Be blessed

Be a blessing


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