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Sunday 6th December Hope in Shadows - Finding Peace

Welcome to our service today on the second Sunday in Advent. This morning we are meeting in person as well as online and the services will be run in parallel with the same content for both. We will still be meeting on zoom after the service but a little bit later at 12.30pm. The link is our here.

This week we have our advent studies on Monday at 8pm and Wednesday at 10.30am.

We are also very excited that it is our Church Christmas Party at 4pm on Saturday 12th. As part of that party we will be sharing out talents - if you want to submit your video in advance e-mail it to

You can show your talents live on zoom. There will be games, fun, laughter and much more as we celebrate Christmas together in a new and unusual way! Bring your own bring and share.....

Next Sunday the morning service will be online and we will also meet for Carol Singing by Torchlight in our grounds at 3.30pm. Details of how that will work to follow - it will be good to gather and sing together! If the weather is bad we will reschedule..... watch this space next week!

Mary and Joseph have been on their travels this week. You can catch up with them through the link below

Mary and Joseph week 1
Download PDF • 505KB

To follow them each day like our facebook page or follow us on twitter or instagram - links are on our home page


Efua and Ngozi light our second advent candle and lead us into worship

Songs for today - you may want to save the last two for after the sermon and after the prayers


How is your stable going? This week we colour in and cut out the Shepherds, Sheep and Stars and add them to our scene. You might also want to create a hill scene next to the stable for the shepherds. Stick the star to the stable shining bright and ready to declare the birth of Jesus. Read the story of the Shepherds in Luke 2:8-15

If you haven't got the cut and and colour nativity and want to catch up you can find a link to it in the youtube video description. Watch this video as you continue to put you scene together.


Our Sermon today is based on Jeremiah 29:4-7 - Hope in the Shadows - Finding Peace


If true peace - shalom - is found in wholeness and restoration, in rebuilding and making right, then as we pray for peace in our community we must pray for these things. What are you dreams for your community? Where does the peace of God need to come? As we walk towards celebrating the Word becoming flesh - Jesus moving into the neighbourhood, where in our community does Jesus need to bring restoration today?

Listen to the words of this poem by Gerard Kelly that dreams of what it will look like when Jesus comes again. Use it to inspire and aid your prayers for the community. Look out of the window or go for walk and pray for the peace and prosperity of the place that you live in.

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