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Sunday 9th August - Songs of Lament

Welcome to our service today. We are continuing in our series looking at the Psalms with Psalm 80 - a corporate cry out to God to make things better again. We're called to pray for the world and it couldn't be more appropriate than right now to pray for this world to be healed. God hears us as we cry out and he answers out prayers.

Please join us afterwards on zoom for coffee and cake (make and bring your own!). The link is here

Please note that the Government have now made mask wearing compulsory in places of worship so if you come to the building for any reason please make sure you have one to wear unless you are exempt (we do have some disposables available if needed).



In the midst of a pandemic,

may your peace comfort and strengthen us.

In the midst of uncertainty and fear,

may your strength reassure us,

that in the midst of life in all its choas

we may hold firm to you, O Lord,

confident that you hold firm to us.

(adapted from a prayer by Dorothy Stewart)

Songs for today - you might want to save a couple for the end


Creative Prayers

Follow the instructions in the link to pray using a Boxes Prayer Game - ask God to speak to you about situations and people you need to pray for as you play

Video Prayer

The explosion in Beirut, Lebanon has caused devastation in an already troubled land. Our prayers today are led by Phil Jump, Regional Minister in the NWBA and Elie Haddad who is the President of the Arab Baptist Seminary in Beirut.


Our sermon today is based on Psalm 80 - you might want to have a read before you watch the video. The passage can be found here

The sermon brought by our minister, Claire

Here is the song that Claire refers to at the end of the sermon to help you reflect and pray

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